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Horizontal Directional Drilling:

This trenchless technology is used to install conduit or cable(s) using boring equipment with a steerable head. Directional drilling/boring is used when trenching or plowing is not the most economical method. Whether crossing a large parking lot, road, waterway, or other high profile or delicate areas such as a golf course, the directional bore method is used in order to minimize impact to the surface while providing the ability to maneuver around obstacles.


These methods are used when installing pipe or other material within a wider and deeper trench. Using a backhoe allows us to install larger diameter or multiple duct runs. It also is used in areas where soil/rock conditions require a more powerful piece of machinery to get the job done.


This method is similar to using a knife to cut through a cake. This machine has a knife/blade that cuts through the ground up to 60 inches deep, while installing cable simultaneously. This method is preferred in rural or open areas because the installation process happens at a relatively quick pace leaving very little damage to the surface, making restoration very easy.

Verifying Pipe:

This process establishes location and route in which existing conduit runs and determines the integrity of the pipe or conduit.

Fiber Optics:

As we move toward a constant communication future, many telecommunication companies are replacing more antiquated lines with Fiber Optics. Inside a Fiber Optic cable is a bundle of transparent, flexible, glass strands (fibers). One advantage to Fiber Optics over the traditional twisted pair wire cable, is that it has the ability to transmit data at longer distances and at higher bandwidths without electromagnetic interference and less loss.

Splicing Fiber Optics:

This is a delicate process in which optical fibers are joined end to end. The fibers must be matched up exactly with their cores perfectly aligned. When successfully completed, it will allow light to pass through the length of the fiber that is not scattered or reflected back.

These methods allow us to complete all different types and sizes of projects. As a General Contractor we have completed many projects on our own but also have the ability to reach out to Subcontractors when needed. We have worked with many Subcontractors over the years that we have built solid relationships with and can trust that they offer the same quality services we do.

Please contact us to help with any of your project needs, including:

  • Manhole System Construction
  • FTTN
  • FTTP
  • Fiber Pulling/Blowing
  • Fiber Relocations
  • Fiber Interconnects
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Coax Splicing
  • Hydrovac Excavation
  • Duct Proofing
  • Rodding
  • Building Entrances
  • Emergency & Maintenance Services
  • Plowing
  • Joint Trenching
  • Trenching
  • Rock Boring
  • River, Stream, and Railroad Bores
  • Plowing
  • Trenching
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Overhead to Underground Conversion
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • RUS (Rural Utility Service) Construction
  • Coax Construction

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